Jane Ducklin Osteopath

Patients testimonials

Jane is a superb osteo and helped me tenfold with a back injury that had flared up a while ago now. We're lucky to have her serving Tring and surrounding areas! Very caring, gentle and gets the job done as quickly & as thoroughly as possible.

S. H.

Within my family and friends she is affectionately known as "Jane with the magic healing hands"

Over the last 10 years Jane has helped me with all sorts of injuries, quite literally from head to toe and, most recently the rehabilitation from a broken arm.
She has done the same for nearly everyone in my immediate family and she always provides the required rehabilitative treatment.

Her customer service ethos has been brilliant throughout and her client ethics of the highest order.

S. B.

Really lovely lady just had my first session definitely going back.

S. P.

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all of your care and hard work in helping me with my neck and shoulder. It is much much better and I am continuing to do the exercises you showed me, which are helping a lot.


Jane's treatment of my knee injury was fantastic. I can bend it once again, many thanks for all your help.

R. D.

I just wanted to let you know my back is so much better. I have been pain free!! I never . thought it would happen. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me.


Jane is without doubt an extremely skilled Osteopath and also very intuitive with treatment.

I have a severe chronic illness which leaves me in a great deal of varying types of agony and musculoskeletal issues. Jane has been able to relieve my suffering even when I was in so much pain and inflammation that the lightest of touches felt excruciating.
Without her expertise I honestly wouldn't be able to function due to the amount of pain and muscle/joint seizing, etc. which is very much relieved by treatment.

Jane's calm and professional manner is also very relaxing and it is always a great experience to receive treament from her.
I feel extremely fortunate to know Jane :).

F. U.

Wow Jane you are amazing thank you so much for helping me I'm feeling so much better and have more mobility now especially in my shoulders thank you xx

C. O.

Just to say how grateful I am …..you really did help me when I was suffering pain.


Thank you for listening and playing your part - my back feels fine and has continued to improve.


Jane has that magic touch that lifts my back up straight every time I go to her.

M. C. D.

Thank you so much for everything! I don’t know what I’d do without your expertise, talent and kindness.