Many people benefit from osteopathic treatment every year and it is used successfully for pain relief, preventative care, rehabilitation and managing a recent acute condition.

Osteopathy is very safe but it does have some risks.
It involves hands-on treatment and this can lead to temporary side effects.

It’s not unusual to feel a little stiff or sore following treatment. If this happens, it may last a couple of days. Most people describe this as similar to post exercise soreness. It’s also common to feel tired or have a temporary headache after treatment. There may be occasional light-headedness. These symptoms pass without any intervention necessary.

Less common side effects last longer than a few days. This is thought to occur in 1:100 osteopathic interactions worldwide.  Symptoms may include bruising, worsening of pain, bothersome numbness and tingling lasting weeks or months. In very unusual circumstances, rib fracture may occur in patients with osteoporosis.

The risk of severe reactions is very rare across the world, and thought to be 1:36000. Such an event would require emergency medical intervention and might cause long term damage. This would include: stroke, prolapsed disc involving bladder and bowel impairment, nerve damage, muscle weakness, or death.

When you are offered treatment for anything, it is important you understand the risks and benefits of that treatment, and any alternatives to it, in order for you to give valid consent for it.

As an osteopath I will help you to make informed decisions about your osteopathic care and treatment. This means that I will explain your diagnosis and the treatment I propose to do. I will explain the benefits of treatment and any risks that may be associated with it and any alternatives that might be suitable for you. This will give you the relevant information to make your own choices about your care and treatment.

The information I give you will be specific to you, your age, current health and presenting symptoms. Please tell me as we go along if the information is unclear or you do not understand what I have explained.
It is important that you keep me informed of any changes to your state of health or changes to any medications you’re taking.

Any treatment techniques I suggest to use with you will have been chosen very carefully to ensure your safety and comfort, and will be suitable for your age and condition. It is completely fine if you choose to decline techniques or if you decide to discontinue treatment at any time.

Please contact Jane Ducklin if you have any concerns or queries.

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